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Error: 'Dictionary Open Failed'


When loading the File or Document Maintenance modules, an error message occurs stating 'Dictionary Open Failed'.


The file containing the configuration for the Spell Checking feature is incorrect..


Spell Checking settings are defined in the SPELL.INI file located in the RecFind 'misc' directory. To correct this error follow the below procedure.

  1. Open the SPELL.INI file (using Notepad).

    Spell.ini File

    Note: To open the SPELL.INI file, click on the Windows Start button, then select 'Run...'. Using the Browse button, navigate to where RecFind is installed, select the 'misc' directory and then select the SPELL.INI' file, click OK.
  2. Reset the spell checking settings by modifying the SPELL.INI file to be the same as the file shown above. 
  3. Save changes and retry loading the affected module(s).
  4. From within File, Document or Box Maintenance, modify the spell-checking options to the desired settings.

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