Knowledgebase & FAQ

1 August 2007

Discontinuance of Oracle Database

As per our previous correspondence (dated 17th August 2006), Knowledgeone Corporation is no longer selling or supporting Oracle versions of our products or Oracle standard database licenses.

For many years we have produced both SQL and Oracle versions of our products but this has never been an easy task because of the fundamental differences between these two relational database products. It has forced us to reduce the functionality of our products because we were unable to take full advantage of the extended functionality of either SQL or Oracle.

.NET 2005 & SQL 2005 Reliance

With the release of Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 the differences between SQL and Oracle increased even further. As you may also be aware, SQL 2005 is embedded within .NET 2005 and as we are designing RecFind 6.0 and Knowledgeone 2.0 around .NET 2005, the use of SQL 2005 is mandated in order to utilize the advanced features of this Microsoft development environment.

As SQL Server 2005 now includes the sophisticated features and scalability required for even our largest customers (those with the largest databases and most concurrent users), we plan to standardize on this Microsoft relational database product for RecFind 6.0 and Knowledgeone 2.0.

Oracle Database Support

As of 1st August 2007, Knowledgeone Corporation is no longer a partner of Oracle Corporation. Therefore customers who purchased Oracle database licenses and product support from Knowledgeone Corporation will now have deal directly through Oracle or an Oracle reseller.