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24 October 2006

Decommission Notice To Customers Using RecFind Professional

Periodically every software vendor needs to decommission old products in order to release support and development resources for newer products. In our case this means releasing people (programmers and support specialist) and servers.

This notice announces the decommissioning of RecFind-Professional, the entry level version of RecFind that only handles physical assets (file folders, paper and boxes). It applies to all versions of RecFind-Professional. If this notice causes you any concern please contact your account manager or email Support with your concerns.

To see which version of RecFind you are using simply run RecFind and then click the Help menu on the main toolbar. Then click Ďaboutí, you will see a version identification dialogue.

All versions of RecFind-Professional will be decommissioned on March 31, 2007. This means that there will be no support OF ANY KIND for these products after March 31, 2007 (including assistance with data transfer or data recovery).

  • If you are a RecFind-Professional customer and under a current ASU (Automatic Software Upgrade agreement), you will be shipped a free upgrade to RecFind-Corporate.

  • If you are not currently under an ASU but take one out before March 31, 2007, you will be shipped a free upgrade to RecFind-Corporate.

The upgrade is an easy one and will not affect your data or operation of the product. At the worst, (if you are on version 4.0, you will be down for a day or so while you reindex the RecFind database(s) after you have installed the update. If you are on version 5.0 of RecFind-Professional the upgrade should not take longer than one hour.

The RecFind-Corporate upgrade adds functionality for electronic document management (EDM), imaging and full-text searching of electronic documents. However, the products (Professional and Corporate) look and work the same with an identical user interface so end user retraining is not required.

If you are a RecFind-Professional customer and not under a current ASU (i.e., you have chosen not to have a support agreement with Knowledgeone Corp), you will need to upgrade to RecFind-Corporate in order to be running a supported product.

Proposals and Additional Information

You may already have a proposal from your account manager to upgrade your existing software. If not, please contact your account manager or email Sales with any questions you may have.

Assistance with Data Transfers and Upgrades

Our support department is staffed to provide on-site or remote support should it be required. Please email Support if you require assistance and indicate if remote or on-site support is required.


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