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Updated 30th January 2009

Decommission Notice For RecFind v5

Service Date to cease
Code Maintenance (ie. code fixes)
Note: all fixes will be made to RecFind v6 ONLY
31st December 2008
Product Support 31st December 2009

Every software vendor needs to decommission old products in order to release support and development resources for newer products. In our case this means releasing people (programmers and support specialist) and servers.

With the release of RecFind v6 (December 2008), all RecFind 5 development has ceased and no further code changes will be made.

If a problem is identified in RecFind 5 that cannot be fixed by installing any of the current service packs we will advise the customer to upgrade to RecFind 6, or if the problem still exists in RecFind 6, a fix will be applied to RecFind 6 and released as a service pack.

Knowledgeone Corporation will cease all support of any kind for RecFind v5 (ie. v5.0.0A to v5.0.0J) from 31st December 2009. This is approximately 12 months after the release of RecFind v6, therefore providing ample time for customers to perform their upgrades.

If this notice causes you any concern please contact your account manager or email Support with your concerns.

To see which version of RecFind you are using simply run RecFind and then click the Help menu on the main toolbar. Then click Ďaboutí, you will see a version identification dialogue.

All versions of Professional and Corporate prior to version 5.0 (i.e., versions 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 4.0) have been decommissioned since December 31, 2006. This means that there is no support OF ANY KIND for these products (including assistance with data transfer and data recovery).

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