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How to configure ColorBar support


In order for ColorBar to work effectively with RecFind, certain integration procedures must be performed. This article describes the configuration process to allow RecFind to launch the ColorBar printing routine.

Detailed Information

Step 1: Create a sample data file

Prior to configuring the ColorBar support, you need to create a sample data file. This is done by loading RecFind's Picking List module and with a File record on your Picking List click on the Create List button.

After the list is created you will receive a message stating that the "Export finished successfully". If you do not have the Create List button available or you receive an error when clicking on the Create List button, please contact Knowledgeone Corporation Support.

Note: If you received a message stating that the "Data file colorprt.txt already exists", this simple means that a file already exists, you may replace the file (by clicking Yes), append to the file (by clicking No) or abort the list creation (by clicking Cancel).

Step 2: Create your ColorBar label design

Using the sample data file, you can now design your labels.

A sample data file called COLORPRT.TXT will be created in the COLORPRT sub-directory of your RecFind directory. It will be located in a folder with the name of the person who created the data file. For example, if RecFind is installed to R:\RECFIND and you created the sample data file while logged on as a user called ADMIN, your sample data file will be R:\RECFIND\COLORPRT\ADMIN\COLORPRT.TXT.

Step 3: Customising colorprt.bat

To print labels, RecFind runs a Windows batch file that launches the ColorBar printing program. This batch file must be customized to suit your environment. To customize the batch file, complete the following steps:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your RecFind application directory
  2. In the COLORPRT sub-directory you will find the COLORPRT.BAT file. Right click on this file and select the Edit option.
  3. Enter the following (on one single continuous line):

    c:\cbgold\cbgprint.exe /L=c:\cbgold\labels\name_of_label.dzn

    Replace c:\cbgold\ with the location of your ColorBar Gold software.
    Note: If you are using long filenames (ie. longer than 8 characters) or your ColorBar path contains spaces, you will need to add quotes, eg. if ColorBar is installed to "C:\Program Files\ColorBar 5.0" then the batch file should appear as follows:

    "C:\Program Files\ColorBar 5.0\cbgpint.exe" /L=c:\cbgold\labels\name_of_label.dzn

    Replace c:\cbgold\labels\name_of_label.dzn with the location and name of your ColorBar Gold label design. If you haven't create a label yet, alter this at a later stage.

    Replace COLORPRT with the applicable ColorBar database name. The ColorBar database name is defined when creating the label design and by default will be COLORPRT.

    Replace c:\recfind\ with the location of your RecFind software.

  4. Save the file and exit.

Step 4: Start printing!

Now you can print your labels. To print labels, load RecFind's Picking List module and with a appropriate file records on your Picking List click on the Create List button followed by Print Labels.

Should you experience any difficulties, please contact Knowledgeone Corporation Support.

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