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Printing ColorBar File Labels from within RecFind


RecFind will integrate with Smead's ColorBar software which enables you to create your own color or black and white file labels.

This article describes the simple process to print color labels using the RecFind User Picking List.


Step 1: Create a data file

The information contained in RecFind's User Picking List is used to create the labels.

We recommend that as you create the files or file parts to place them on the User Picking List. The quickest and easiest way of placing files on the Picking List is by selecting 'Pick' from drop down menu on the RecFind floating toolbar.

Once you have finished adding files and are ready to print your file labels, open the Picking List module.

Select the 'Create List' button in the bottom right hand corner.

If a previous data file is found, the following message will be displayed:

Select the Yes button to append the records from the Pick List to the colorprt file or select No to overwrite the previous data file.

Once the process is complete, the following message will be displayed:

Step 2: Start printing!

Now you can print your labels. To print labels, select the Print Labels function button in the bottom right hand corner.

Should you experience any difficulties, please contact Knowledgeone Corporation Support.

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