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What is the RecFind AIM utility for?


The AIM product is designed to centralize the indexing of profile metadata and attachments (ie. Word/PDF/Excel documents) to a single workstation, rather than having each machine indexing records when they are added or modified.

The benefit of using the AIM is faster response times and also additional stability - particularly important when running RecFind in a WAN environment.

The AIM works be monitoring a queue within the database at a user-defined interval. This queue contains a list of all records which require indexing.

All customers will benefit from using the AIM.

Note: The AIM performs metadata and attachment (ISYS) indexing. The AIM is mandatory when using RecQueryTC for adding or checking in attachments.

Implementing the AIM

The AIM is extremely straight forward to implement.

  1. Disable online indexing for EACH database - this will cause clients to write to the queue instead of indexing the records.

    This is done from the Admin: Indexing: Set Search & Indexing Options screen. It allows you to turn off the "Online Indexing" processing option and "ISYS search online indexing" (ie. there are two options which you disable).
  2. You then run the AIM.

    The AIM is already installed as part of RecFind (called rindex.exe in the RecFind application directory). You simply run the application, log in, configure it (ie. tell it how often you want it to run) and you click OK.

    (Note: the AIM machine must have had the RecFind workstation setup run on it, and have the ODBC driver setup).

We don't recommend that you run the AIM on a user's workstations, instead run it on a server or a dedicated machine. This will ensure that the AIM doesn't get closed accidentally. The AIM will also pop up a small progress window while it's indexing.

Note: It must be manually started when the server is restarted.

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