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RecFind 6 Colorbar Integration

This article describes the process required to configure Colorbar for label printing in RecFind 6.

The RecFind 6 Colobar integration utilizes the "process" function within RecFind 6. The RecFind 6 Process function allows you to configure custom processes that you wish to apply to records within your database. The process maybe a database stored procedure which you develop, or it could be an external program such as Colorbar.

Please note that due to the differences between RecFind 5 and RecFind 6, any previous Colorbar configuration such as your label designs will need to be re-done.

Step 1: Create a label design

You must first create a Colorbar label design.

In order to do this you must first generate some sample data for Colorbar to "learn" the data structure from. To create a sample data file, complete the following:

  1. Logon to RecFind 6 and perform a search for the type of records you wish to create labels for

  2. Click on the Export option and select "Export to CSV"

  3. Enter a location and filename for the CSV file when prompted

From within Colorbar Gold you can now create a new label design using this sample CSV file. Please take note of the "Database Name" that you provide to Colorbar when creating the label design as this will be needed later..

Step 2: Create a batch file

The Colorbar Print routine needs to be called via a batch file.

The location of this batch file should be either on a common network drive (eg. "R:\RecFind6") or a common path (eg. "C:\Program Files\ColorBar 6.5\") that applies to all workstations that have Colorbar installed and will be printing labels from RecFind 6.

In your batch file (ie. a text file with a ".bat" file extension) enter the following text (on one single continuous line):

c:\cbgold\cbgprint.exe /L=c:\cbgold\labels\name_of_label.dzn
/File=COLORPRT,%1 /G

Replace c:\cbgold\ with the location of ColorBar print execution file (ie. cbgprint.exe).

Note: If you are using long filenames (ie. longer than 8 characters) or your ColorBar path contains spaces, you will need to add quotes, eg. if ColorBar is installed to "C:\Program Files\ColorBar 6.5" then the batch file should appear as follows (but on one single continuous line):

"C:\Program Files\ColorBar 6.5\cbgpint.exe" /L=c:\cbgold\labels\name_of_label.dzn

Replace c:\cbgold\labels\name_of_label.dzn with the location and name of your ColorBar label design.

Replace COLORPRT with the applicable ColorBar database name. The ColorBar database name is defined when creating the label design and by default will be COLORPRT.

Step 3: Create a RecFind 6 Process

Processes are defined within the RecFind 6 DRM. To create the Colorbar process, complete the following:

  1. Load and logon to the RecFind 6 DRM

  2. From the main menu, select "Configure Processes"

  3. Click Add and enter the require information.

    The Process Name will be shown within RecFind 6 for users to select, enter a meaningful name (eg. "Color HR File Labels").

    The Security Code allows you to only show the process for certain users, for all users to see the process leave as "Basic" otherwise set to the appropriate value.

    Select the Table where this process will appear, typically this would be "MetadataProfile" as this is where File, Box and Document records are stored.

    The Process Type needs to be "Executable", Requires Input needs to be ticked and Input Type needs to be set to CSV.

    Select the File option and browse (using the folder icon) to the batch file you created earlier.

  4. Click on the Save icon to store the Process

Your process is now configured. When viewing records on the applicable table your process will now appear for selection.

Note: Changes in the structure of the CSV will have an impact on the Colorbar design.

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