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How do to install the Datalogic Memor on Windows Vista?


Currently the Datalogic Memor software must be installed manually on Windows Vista.


Please complete the following steps:

  1. Download Windows Mobile Device Centre from Microsoft Downloads. At the time of publishing Windows Mobile Device Centre was available from:

  2. Install Windows Mobile Device Centre (downloaded in Step 1) and follow the on screen instructions.

  3. Once completed copy the file “winusb.sys” from:

  4. Also, download DLUsbSyncVista.inf file (contained within a ZIP file) [Download File], and extract to:

  5. Attach the Memor™ unit to your computer and turn on the unit. The power button is located on the left hand side of the reader.
    If the Found New Hardware wizard doesn’t load, load Device Manager (Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Device Manager) and locate the Unknown Device located under Other Devices. Right-click on the “Unknown Device” and select “Update driver software”

  6. When prompted, select “Browse my computer for driver software (advanced)” and browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers (ensure that include sub-folders is also enabled)

  7. If you receive a Windows Security warning stating that the publisher could not be verified, select “Install this driver software anyway”
    Once installed, the device will be displayed as “Datalogic USB Sync”

  8. Once complete, Windows Mobile Device Center will automatically load. On the home page, select “Connect without setting up your device” and then exit the Windows Mobile Device Center software.

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