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Do barcode readers work with Knowledgeone K1?

Q: Do barcode readers work with Knowledgeone K1?

A: In short, Yes.

There are two main types of barcode readers - fixed and portable.

Knowledgeone Corporation recommends the Datalogic Heron, Touch 65/90 and Gryphon fixed barcode readers. Fixed readers need to be connected to your PC to work. These are also sometimes called "keyboard substitute" readers. (Note: you can also get wireless "keyboard substitute" readers).

Fixed readers emulate a computer keyboard - so that any barcode you scan is "typed" just as it would if you manually typed the barcode number using your keyboard.

The Datalogic Formula 734-E reader is recommended as a portable reader. These readers are stand-alone units, which are in fact small computers. They don't need to be connected to a PC and can be used anywhere (even in another state if the battery remains charged). These units run software which collects data and then transmits this data to the applicable software. The software must be specifically developed for the application which it is intended to be used with.

For RecFind, the only software available is written for the Datalogic Formula 734-E. When you purchase the Datalogic Formula 734-E from GMB/Knowledgeone Corporation, you automatically receive the software. The software allows RecFind users to perform a mass audit of your files and update RecFind with their current location. This is extremely beneficial when people move files without updating RecFind.

All of the above information also applies to Knowledgeone K1 v1.0 & higher. Any fixed reader is also compatible with Knowledgeone K1 as it is simply seen as a keyboard. The Datalogic Formula 734-E remains to be the only portable barcode reader currently available with the necessary software; however the Datalogic Formula 734-E software for Knowledgeone K1 has been significantly updated. In addition to performing an audit it now allows you do any type of movement (files, documents, or boxes) and archiving operations.

To emphasis this point, the portable barcode reader functions in K1 have been significantly improved over those in RecFind and we have added all of those portable functions to K1 requested by RecFind users over the years.

Please look up the K1 online help and search on “portable barcode reader” for a complete description of all the new transactions in K1.

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Are configuration settings lost when you do the final data import?

Q: When you are in a test environment you import your data and do your configuring, prior to going live after test and configuring is completed, you import your data for the final time, do you lose your configuration settings, meaning do you need to configure twice?

A: The configuring of the RecFind data will be done automatically by the RecFind2K1 conversion program. It is always brought across in a standard way. You cannot alter the way the RecFind data is imported into K1, (and nor would you want to because it is a very complex process as the two database designs are totally, absolutely different).

If you want to configure other things within K1 we suggest you do it after you have finally (you can run the conversion multiple times simply by backing up your K1 databases before each run – the K1 DRM includes a backup command) and successfully converted your RecFind database. You should then carefully backup your database each time before experimenting with changes in case you need to “roll-back” those changes.

If you want help on planning or running your RecFind to K1 conversion we will be happy to provide the services required.

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In a test environment, do you only have 45 days to configure?

Q: In test environment, do you only have 45 days to configure?

A: Yes you have 45 days to test Knowledgeone K1 in a test environment, after that you must activate your license to continue using Knowledgeone K1.

You can configure K1 after you activate the license however it will then be your ‘Live’ license/data. You cannot activate K1 twice.

If you wish to continue ‘Testing’ K1 after 45 days please email Support for an extension.

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Can the Knowledgeone K1 interface be configured to look like RecFind?

Q: Is the interface configurable to ease the transition for users from RecFind to Knowledgeone K1, e.g. by adding some familiar menu options etc to simplify user training etc?

A: With Knowledgeone K1 you can customize each user’s interface to a highly personalized look and feel, although as stated before there is no one for one comparison of features between RecFind and Knowledgeone K1. But, you cannot alter the standard user interface.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 integrate with content management systems?

Q: Does Knowledgeone K1 have any relationships or ability to integrate with any (web) Content Management Systems (to act as the document repository for material published and/or dynamically linked to web sites?)

A: Knowledgeone K1 is a content management repository, storing, indexing and managing documents of any type. Version 2.0 will add WCM abilities and Knowledgeone K1 can also easily integrate to any other WCM using Xchange K1.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 create any object types (such as files, documents etc)?

Q: Can Knowledgeone K1 be used to create any object types (such as files, documents etc) without restrictions like the ones that exist in RecFind (3 basic objects supported only, then sub-types)?

If so, can the hierarchical relationships between these objects be defined by the Records Manager / Knowledgeone K1 Administrator?  

A: Yes Knowledgeone K1 can create any object types and there are no restrictions.

Yes, the hierarchical relationships between these objects be defined infinitely more so than in RecFind.

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Can the screen layouts and forms in Knowledgeone K1 be customized?

Q: The default screen layout of objects' metadata is not conducive to easy visual scanning or recognition (e.g. a single list of fields scrolling off the bottom of the screen). Can the screen layouts be customized by Records Managers (without a need for advanced IT or programming skills) to make them easier to read/navigate, and can they be modified into custom-designed "forms" to assist in data entry when registering new items (e.g. more like RecFind and other Document management systems)?

A: Yes, Knowledgeone K1 is designed to be totally configurable to suit the requirements of the user and organization. This can be done through the DRM by the administrator or IT. Note that you cannot change the basic user interface (if that is what you are referring to) but you can change any aspect of it including fields, captions, links, colors, backgrounds, etc. We don’t agree with your comment that it is not conductive to easy visual screening or recognition; we believe it is far superior to RecFind in this aspect. You really need to do the Knowledgeone K1 course first before trying to critique its features.

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Does Knowledgeone K1 support disposal triggers?

Q: Does Knowledgeone K1 support a similar range of disposal "triggers" as provided by RecFind?

A: Yes, even more as the customer can design new ones at will, using the DRM.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 convert Edoc author details?

Q: Does Knowledgeone K1 bring over the Edoc author details e.g. the word profile?

A: Knowledgeone K1 automatically captures all the ‘natural’ properties of a document available through .NET calls. Strangely, .NET 2003 did not include the author property (this should be fixed in .NET 2005). Plus, author is not a standard or consistent property of all electronic documents. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn’t.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 prevent electronic documents from being altered?

Q: Can an electronic document stored in Knowledgeone K1 be assigned a "completed" or "finalized" attribute so that it cannot be altered further (i.e. to form an electronic record)?

A: You can utilize any existing field in the Metadata for this purpose or modify any existing field or add any new field required using the DRM (no programming required). You can also automate any process required using the DRM.

This is a very important point about the new mindset required with Knowledgeone K1. With Knowledgeone K1 you don’t say can you do it, you say “how do we do it?” With Knowledgeone K1 the customer can change any aspect including the data model and any process. The customer is fully empowered. You can do anything you want in Knowledgeone K1 is the standard answer to such questions.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 integrate with enterprise portal systems?

Q: Does Knowledgeone K1 have any relationships or integrations in place with enterprise portal products (e.g. for global enquiry access across multiple business systems including K1)?

A: Knowledgeone K1 is an enterprise portal. Version 2.0 will add the ability to search across all other systems. Xchange K1 (delivered as a standard module with Knowledgeone K1) also allows you to integrate to any other system, to import or export any data and to automatically integrate to any other application. Xchange K1 also allows you to export RM data in industry standard XML format.

Note: Knowledgeone K1 is based on XML.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 utilize a "File Plan" classification scheme?

Q: Can Knowledgeone K1 utilize a "file plan" type classification scheme as an alternative to a thesaurus-based scheme?

A: Definitely, the records management ‘personality’ in Knowledgeone K1 is based on the File Plan model.

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Are there any features or functions of RecFind that are not converted to Knowledgeone K1?

Q: Are there specific features or functions of RecFind that do not carry through to the converted database run under Knowledgeone K1?

A: As we are not aware of all the functions currently being used by our customers (everyone is different), we can’t give a definite answer. Everything RecFind does Knowledgeone K1 does and much, BUT no feature to feature comparison is possible because they are two completely different products.

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Can a list of hard and electronic documents be viewed together?

Q: In Knowledgeone K1, can a list of all documents (both hard and electronic) for a file be viewed together in a mixed list or are they separate?

A: Just as in RecFind they are kept in separate tables. In Knowledgeone K1 ‘paper’ documents are recorded in the Metadata Profile table and all electronic documents and images are stored in the EDOC table. You can link these in any way you like. You can search for both and display both and display all electronic documents (EDOCS) linked to any Metadata Profile in a single click – far fewer steps than is required in RecFind.

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Is it possible for Knowledgeone Corp to import data as a test and clearly indicate any issues?

Q: Is it possible for Knowledge Corporation to import data as a test and clearly indicate any issues?

A: K1 is supplied with a special program for RecFind users called the “RecFind2K1” conversion program. This is essentially a one-button conversion of any or all of your RecFind databases into K1. The design and writing of this program was a major part of the K1 R&D effort. It will convert all of your data from RecFind into K1.

Please refer to the K1 online help system for a detailed explanation of the program and process - search on “RecFind 5.0 conversion”.

A major part of the Knowledgeone K1 testing plan was importing data into Knowledgeone K1.

Any issues that were found were fixed prior to shipping K1 to customers.

As K1 Corp is not proficient in the data at each user’s site it is up to each customer to compare the data imported into Knowledgeone K1 to their RecFind data.

At present there are no known issues regarding the import of data into Knowledgeone K1. If any issues do arise we will notify customers by placing them on the Knowledgebase/FAQ section of our website.


If you wish us to provide onsite or offsite services to run and test the conversion for you we will be happy to do so. Please contact Support for a quote.

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Does Knowledgeone K1 integrate with GroupWise e-mail?

Q: Does Knowledgeone K1 integrate with GroupWise e-mail?

A: Yes.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 manage documents containing links to other documents?

Q: Support for linked documents - can Knowledgeone K1 manage documents (e.g. Word, Excel, Adobe FrameMaker) containing links to other documents? For example, if an electronic document with a link is opened in the Knowledgeone K1 environment, can users click on the link to open the associated document in K1's document store?

A: Yes.

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Does Knowledgeone K1 interface with MS Office applications?

Q: Can or does K1 interface with MS-Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) so that all electronic documents can be automatically opened from and saved to the Knowledgeone K1 electronic repository without users having to choose between the network drive structure and the Knowledgeone K1 repository (e.g. via the "button" as it existed in RecFind – and also, does the Knowledgeone K1 button function in the same manner as the RecFind button?)

A: Yes and Knowledgeone K1 is much more powerful and easier to use than RecFind for all information management functions including imaging and electronic document management. No function or feature in Knowledgeone K1 was based on a RecFind feature or function and none work the same way. No, the Knowledgeone K1 Button is not based on the RecFind Button and no it does not work in the same way. It is a brand new product based on the .NET smart client paradigm and SOAP protocol.

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Can the NSW metadata standard be built into Knowledgeone K1?

Q: Has any consideration of the NSW metadata standard been built into Knowledgeone K1?

A: Yes. The Knowledgeone K1 Metadata standard is totally and easily configurable by any user to any standard, without programming, by using the standard DRM module supplied with Knowledgeone K1.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 implement the mandatory OICT security requirements for NSW public agencies?

Q: How can Knowledgeone K1 implement the mandatory security requirements issued by OICT for NSW public agencies, i.e. Security Levels (hierarchical access) and various additional controls at the "X-in-Confidence level (e.g. personnel, commercial, legal, cabinet, etc)?

A: Please see the Help files on setting up security or please attend the training course to learn how to do this yourselves. The Knowledgeone K1 security system is infinitely more flexible, more powerful and easier to use than the RecFind security system BUT, it is different.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 OCR retrospectively?

Q: Can you OCR retrospectively? If so how do you go about it?

A: You need a third part OCR engine. There are any number of ways to integrate this with Knowledgeone K1 but the easiest way would be to duplicate what we do with the ISYS SDK where we automatically full text index every new electronic document added to the Knowledgeone K1 database. How we actually do this will depend upon the functionality and features of the OCR engine/SDK you select. However, it is easy to do in Knowledgeone K1.

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Does Knowledgeone K1 provide workflow for the assignment of "parallel tasks?

Q: Does Knowledgeone K1 include a workflow engine which provides for "parallel" assignment of tasks, e.g. if a document must be reviewed by 2 or more persons concurrently, rather than step-wise one after the other as per the RecFind workflow?

If not, does Knowledgeone K1 have any association with, or integration options involving other workflow system suppliers which can support parallel workflow?

A: Yes, and RecFind also does this too. The above highlighted statement about RecFind is incorrect. The workflow in Knowledgeone K1 is more powerful and more flexible than that in RecFind and can also be easily extended by the customer (as can all things in Knowledgeone K1).

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Can revised documents be tracked in Knowledgeone K1

Q: Can Knowledgeone K1 maintain a trail of revisions to a document for complete retention of all drafts, or just for selective retention (e.g. certain key drafts)? Can the system also be used to just overwrite an existing "work in progress" document?

A: Yes, anyway you like.

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Can the security function in Knowledgeone K1 group staff that are not in an organizational unit?

Q: Can Knowledgeone K1 support the grouping of staff members other than by organizational units for purposes of controlling access to information and other security privileges, e.g. to limit a users general level of system access?

A: Yes, much better than RecFind could.

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Is there a standard RecFind to K1 upgrade method to support RecFind customers?

Q: Is there a standard RecFind to K1 upgrade method to support customers? For example, RecFind structures and mapping will be implemented to work when upgrading.

A: Yes, the standard RecFind2K1 conversion program was designed to do exactly this.

The chapters ‘Where do I begin’ and ‘RecFind 5.0 Conversion’ located in both the Knowledgeone K1 Help files and Printable PDF manuals on the K1 CD-ROM cover these topics as well.

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What details do we need to know prior to installation as a test environment?

Q: What details do we need to know prior to installation as a test environment?

A: Please see the paper, ‘Tips on Testing Knowledgeone K1 before upgrading from RecFind’ in our Knowledgebase section of our website:

We also suggest that you read the chapters ‘Where do I begin’ and ‘RecFind 5.0 Conversion’ which can be located in both the Knowledgeone K1 Help files and Printable PDF manuals located on the K1 CD-ROM.

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Can a thesaurus in Knowledgeone K1 be maintained?

Q: Can the Records Manager / Knowledgeone K1 Administrator maintain the thesaurus (e.g. can terms be modified or added, and relationships updated etc)?

A: Yes.

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Why haven't our thesaurus terms converted to the appropriate levels in the hierarchy?

Q: It appears that some of our thesaurus terms have not converted at the appropriate levels in the hierarchy, e.g. when creating a new record, the keyword list appears to contain terms that are not keywords, and did not appear to contain all keywords.

Can this be confirmed or is this because of incorrect use of the system?

If the thesaurus has not converted correctly, is this an issue with the current conversion process?

A: Without having knowledge of everyone’s specific database it is very hard to say. We would need to see how the Thesaurus is configured in RecFind. You will note that Knowledgeone K1 has a new way of handling the Corporate Vocabulary, totally unlike RecFind.

For example, the file titling and Corporate Vocabulary (called a Keyword Thesaurus in RecFind) are totally separate in Knowledgeone K1 as opposed to being part of a single feature in RecFind. The RecFind2K1 conversion program does bring across the file titling rules and phrases from RecFind and the use of this feature in Knowledgeone K1 produces a similar result to that in RecFind but in a completely different way.

There are no issues with the conversion utility or process. The RecFind2K1 conversion program does convert both the Corporate Vocabulary, standard File tiles, automatic file number generation and all other aspects. Please submit a support call with details (showing the same example from RecFind and Knowledgeone K1 after the conversion) for us to examine if you have concerns.

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Is Knowledgeone K1 capable of using both version and revision numbering of documents?

Q: Is Knowledgeone K1 capable of using both version, and revision numbering of documents (as per Engineering practices), with associated numbered drafts? For example, the first Version of a document may have Revisions 1, 2, and 3 (before Revision 3 is accepted and approved). If a major modification to the document is later carried out, it is amended to a later Version number, e.g. Version 2, which may also have various minor revisions made to it over time.

The scheme essentially requires "Versions" to be assigned to the first approved document and any others involving substantial updates, whilst each "major" version may have more minor "revisions" made to it.

A: Yes, this is process driven and user defined.

*Important point about a major difference between RecFind and Knowledgeone K1 - RecFind had inbuilt ‘rules’ governing usual practices in EDRMS. Knowledgeone K1, as a generic application solution, has no such inbuilt rules (other than common sense IT related rules). Think of RecFind as ‘rules-bound’ and K1 as “Rules-free’. If you want rules in Knowledgeone K1 you add them to address your specific needs.

Can I apply access controls to objects in Knowledgeone K1?

Q: Can access controls be applied to other objects in the Knowledgeone K1 system, e.g. to hide thesaurus terms, user names, business units, object types, Disposal Authority entries etc from users or user groups who will not require access to them (in the interests of providing a less complex interface)?

A: Yes, the administrator determines which users have access to what tables and what fields. Knowledgeone K1 does this much better than RecFind.

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Can /does Knowledgeone K1 maintain an audit trail of actions undertaken on all objects?

Q: Can / does Knowledgeone K1 maintain an audit trail of actions undertaken on all objects? Can the actions to be audited be determined or customized by an Administrator?

A: Yes, you can configure the audit trail to capture anything you like, including failed log-ins.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 work with Active Directory and LDAP?

Q: Can Knowledgeone K1 work with Active Directory and LDAP?

A: This will be part of Knowledgeone K1 version 2.0. There were issues with .NET 2003 and browser support that prevented this happening with version 1.0.

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Can additional access controls be applied in Knowledgeone K1

Q: Can additional access controls be applied to information on a user or user group basis (e.g. to protect certain commercial in confidence documents used in one area from access by users in other areas who may have the same security classification)?

A: Yes, the administrator can decide the access rights of all users down to specific fields and methods.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 Manage AutoCAD drawings as documents?

Q: Is Knowledgeone K1 capable of managing electronic AutoCAD drawings as documents in the same way as MS-Word, for example?

A: Yes.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 automatically capture documents and e-mail?

Q: Can directories (on fileshares) and folders (in personal GroupWise structures) be set up to link to specific objects (files) in K1 to facilitate capture of documents and e-mails into Knowledgeone K1 for users who are unfamiliar with or unwilling to use the document/records management interface? If so, can end users create these links themselves in their own e-mail environments?

A: Yes, this can be done through GEM K1 for emails and Capture K1 for documents. Both these products are fully automatic, rules driven, server centric systems. K1 was designed around the .NET, thin-client, server-centric, rules-driven and fully automatic model and GEM (for emails) and Capture (for electronic documents) are fundamental components of the Knowledgeone K1 paradigm.

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Can Knowledgeone K1 automatically assign retention instructions?

Q: Can Knowledgeone K1 be configured (and if so, what level of skill is required) to automatically assign a retention instruction (disposal authority class) to an object based on its classification (whether thesaurus of file-plan based)?

A: Yes, the administrator or anyone with the level of security required can do this.

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