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Session expires as soon as an object is selected.


In Knowledgeone K1, as soon as an object (ie. table) is selected the user is logged out and the following message appears:

The session has expired. Please login again.


Your server name contains the underscore ('_') character.

Since the release of Microsoft Security Patch MS01-055 servers with improper name syntax are prevented from setting cookies names and maintaining ASP session state and session variables.

Server names must only contain alphanumeric characters ("-" or ".") in the domain name and the server name. Internet Explorer blocks cookies from a server if the server name contains other characters, such as an underscore character ("_").

This message can also appear for valid reasons, including:

  • You have logged in but then not used the system for a period of time and therefore your session has expired. The period of time is configurable by the K1 administrator. The option is in the 'K1 Configuration' table and called SessionTimeout. The default is 30 minutes.
  • An administrator has started the DRM and caused the system to go offline. An attempt to login again will advise you if this is the case.


To work around this problem, use one of the following methods:

  • Rename the domain name and the server name, and use only alphanumeric characters.
  • Browse to the server by using the Internet Protocol (IP) address rather than the domain/server name.
    Note: You may need to change the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) configuration after you rename a server. Please see for details.

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