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RecFind 6 Version 2.0, Service Pack 5


RecFind 6 Version 2.0, Service Pack 5 contains all enhancements and fixes made since the initial release of RecFind 6 v2.0. For a complete list of these changes please refer to the 'Release Notes' (see below).

This service pack can be applied to customers with ANY previous RecFind 6 version installed.

Once this service pack is installed, it will be the equivalent to RecFind 6 version 2.5.


Customers MUST have already installed RecFind 6 prior to installing any of these service packs.

If you need to perform an initial installation of RecFind 6 using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and/or a 64 bit server operating system, you will require a  RecFind 6 v2.1 or higher CD-ROM - the initial release of RecFind 6 (v2.0) will not install in this environment. To request an updated RecFind 6 CD-ROM be sent please contact support.

Please note that the Server service pack will perform a database update. As this update can not be "undone" if you experience issues please ensure that a database backup is performed prior to installing the service pack. This update may also cause a temporary increase of processing on your SQL Server while indexes are rebuilt - in a shared environment you may wish to perform the update after-hours to avoid any issues.

Release Notes

To view release notes, click here.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to view the release notes.


To obtain the service pack, please click here.