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Knowledgeone v1.5a Update (May 2007)


The Knowledgeone v1.5a service pack will update your Knowledgeone installation with enhancements and fixes made since the initial release of Knowledgeone v1.5.

This service pack introduces a number of new functions and fixes, including:

  • When creating a new part to a metadata profile record, the create date of the new part will now auto-fill with the current system date, rather than copying the previous part’s create date. [K0016]

  • When creating a new part, the disposition of the previous part is now configurable by modifying the “New Part Functionality” trigger via the DRM. [K0017]

  • When replaying a Boolean search which referenced a field that has since been hidden, a blank error message would appear.


This service pack is for customers running K1 v1.5. If you are running a prior version, please upgrade to v1.5 using the K1 v1.5 installation media previously provided.

Special Notes

  • This service pack includes a database update. Please ensure that you perform a database backup and all users are logged out prior to installing the service pack.

  • No client changes are required.






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