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RecFind 6 Button Registry Utility


The RecFind 6 Button integrates with Microsoft Office application through the use of 'add-ins'.

For workstations running Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2010, the 'add-in' configuration is user profile specific, meaning that each user who uses the workstation has their own 'add-ins'.

When installing the RecFind 6 Button the user who installs the software will have the add-in installed to their profile however no other user on that workstation (and obviously any future user) will not have our 'add-ins' added to their profile.

The solution to overcoming this problem is to run the Button Registry utility, a utility developed by Knowledgeone Corporation for RecFind 6 Button users that will create the required 'add-ins'.


Product: Button Registry v4 Release Date : November 7, 2011
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Installation & Usage

There is no installation required, and to use simply run the utility.

The utility automatically detects your Button installation settings and created the keys for the current user automatically.

There is no interface or user interaction required, it's intention is to be part of the user logon process (either in the Startup folder or a logon script).

Release History

7/11/2011 - Version 4: Corrected issue where it would not populate the registry for non-administrator users.

31/08/2011 - Version 3: Corrected issue with it not locating the correct installation folder on 64 bit workstations.

28/01/2010 - Version 2: Corrected issue where a mixture of Microsoft Office versions (e.g. Outlook 2003 with Word 2007 and Excel 2007) could cause entries to be created in the wrong location in the Windows registry.

23/06/2009 - Version 1: Initial Release.