The first stage of any consultancy is to analyze your current information and business processes.

The objective of the Pre-Implementation Review consultancy is to gather information about the customer's current systems and procedures, what works and what doesn't. This information is collected by interviewing key staff and by observing work processes.

Knowledgeone Corporationís consultancy team will visit your site to review, analyze, process and provide a strategic solution.

Methods of Data Collection

Knowledgeone Corporation use three different methods to gather information during the Pre-Implementation stage:

  1. System Overview

    This process will review your current methods to gather information during the Pre-Implementation stage.

  2. Key Personnel Interviews
  3. A Knowledgeone Consultant will conduct interviews with personnel involved in all levels of the business process. This will normally be a cross section of end-users and various levels of management. The purpose of these interviews is to identify key problem areas relating to the different needs of these personnel. All interviews conducted by our consultants are performed in a friendly manner with as little disruption as possible to your daily routines.

  4. Work In-progress Observations
  5. Work-In-Progress observations assess daily functions as they occur. This allows the consultant to obtain an accurate guide as to the specific elements involved in performing daily work processes, which then allows them to provide recommendations as to how these processes may be improved.

Summary of Findings & Recommendations

Knowledgeone Corporation can offer an independent assessment of your current system.

Knowledgeone Corporation is pleased to work with you to determine what your requirements are and what changes should be introduced.

Knowledgeone Corporation will tailor the consultancy to ensure that the best possible solution will be provided to you.

Budgets, time frames, resources plus short and long term goals are taken into consideration when determining the corrective action and strategy to be undertaken.

Knowledgeone Corporationís recommendations may include procedural, physical or technical changes and would include suggested time frames for the implementation.

These agreed changes would be outlined in a written report and supplied to you shortly after the consultancy. This report will outline any major problems found, why they are occurring, as well as practical recommendations with corrective measures.

Information will also be provided on potential issues that may arise if action is not taken.

The final report will also include a copy of the System Overview completed by the consultant as part of your final documentation. This will prove to be a valuable document as it includes useful statistics and operational information, which may be used as a reference in the future. A summary of the major concerns and issues identified by your personnel during the interviews conducted with your consultant will also be supplied.