Tacit for Knowledgeone (K1)

Knowledgeone (K1) now to be known as RecFind 6


Tacit solicits, collects, weighs, ages and data mines tacit knowledge from every user within your organization.

An organization’s tacit knowledge is developed from direct experience and action - it's hard to detail, copy and distribute. Tacit knowledge can be a sustainable source of competitive advantage and therefore what differentiates one organization from another is how well they locate, leverage, and share internal knowledge.

Tacit builds up a collection of knowledge in the Knowledgeone (K1) database and provides a simple, easy to use interface so as to make the collection and dissemination of tacit knowledge as simple task as possible.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Solicit and collect tacit knowledge.
  • Notify other users about tacit knowledge solicitations.
  • Secure tacit knowledge in a relational database.
  • Search and retrieve information rapidly.
  • Link tacit knowledge solicitations.
  • Age tacit knowledge (eg “For how long is this current?”).
  • Grade tacit knowledge (eg “Are you sure that this is correct?”).
  • Index tacit knowledge by keywords (eg Departments, URLs).
  • Target specific mailing lists.

Business Solutions

  • Tacit Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • HR Management, Incident Management and CRM


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The Knowledgeone K1 range of products has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract for Information Technology, effective April 25, 2008 until April 24, 2013. Any US Federal Government Agency can purchase a Knowledgeone product without going to tender. Click here to purchase or learn more.
» What is Tacit? (PDF)

» A Knowledge Management System - A Discourse (PDF)

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