RecQuery is a multi-user, rich-client inquiry tool for RecFind-Corporate. Similar functionality is provided in a thin-client form by RecQuery-TC.

RecQuery is the ideal low cost way to provide enterprise-wide access to your corporate information store.

RecQuery accesses the RecFind-Corporate database via a LAN or WAN.

In summary, RecQuery allows you to:

  • Have a low-cost, fast, easy-to-use document access solution.
  • View, print and copy (save as) all objects within the RecFind-Corporate database including metadata and paper records.
  • Perform full text searches (BOOLEAN engine for all standard metadata), full text search engine (ISYS option) for all attached electronic documents or by SQL search screens dynamically built for user generated extended metadata.
  • Search for a myriad of criteria including:  File metadata, Document metadata, Document attachment (electronic document). names, Document attachment text [ISYS add-on], Space metadata, Box metadata and Workflow Actions (To Do Lists).
  • Conduct a global search across multiple RecFind databases.
  • Search on metadata across all RecFind profiles (Files, Documents and Boxes).
  • Control access to the RecFind-Corporate database with security codes. The results returned from searches are dependent on the user's security level. For example, a user with the highest level of security will see the entire set of data returned. Whereas a user with a lower level may see only a subset of the data.
  • Easily and quickly add your own help screens (for example, for policy and procedures).

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