RecFind 6 Limited Source Code License

In response to a number of requests and for those customers heavily invested in RecFind 6 or using RecFind 6 as their master Image & Data Repository, Digital Asset Management System, or planning major integrations or multiple installations of RecFind 6, we now offer a limited source code license.


This is the ultimate Rapid Application Development System with all of the hard work already done by Knowledgeone Corporation. You have immediate access to $10,000,000+ worth of advanced R&D. It is a way to save millions of dollars and many man years on developing major new information and knowledge management solutions.


We provide you with all RecFind 6 Product Suite Applications ready to install, all source code, detailed instructions and ongoing telephone and email support plus all updates. Free support, however, extends to all ‘standard’ RecFind 6 products and source code; it does not cover code you have written and added.

Use & Limitations

There are limitations on how RecFind 6 source code can be used. You can for example, use it freely to extend your RecFind 6 applications and use of RecFind 6. You can also use it to create new applications and you can also install RecFind 6 multiple times. There are also no restrictions on the number of concurrent users; it is an unlimited user and unlimited site license.

However, your use is restricted to your organization. You may not loan, sell, rent or lease the RecFind 6 source code or in any way make it available to any organization other than your own. You may not copy and distribute the source code to any person or entity outside of your organization. You may not distribute runtimes based on the RecFind 6 Limited Source Code License to any person or entity outside of your organization without the prior, written, express permission of Knowledgeone Corporation.

You may not claim to own the intellectual property of RecFind 6. The intellectual property at all times and under all circumstances, remains with Knowledgeone Corporation.


The RecFind 6 limited source code license includes all products in the RecFind 6 Product Suite:

  • RecFind 6 Server (including the RecFind 6 Smart-Client & the DRM and Xchange)
  • RecFind 6 Web Client
  • RecFind6 Button
  • RecFind 6 High Speed Scanning Module
  • RecFind 6 Mini-API
  • RecFind 6 GEM
  • RecFind 6 RecCapture
  • RecFind 6 SharePoint Integration Module
  • RecFind 6 SDK
  • RecFind 6 eDocArchiving Module


The RecFind 6 Source Code License is available on a monthly subscription basis with a minimum period of twelve (12) months.


The RecFind 6 source code license will not suit all customers. It is structured to suit ‘heavy-duty’ users of RecFind 6 or those planning major changes or major implementations with RecFind 6 as the application foundation and image & data repository.

You will be unable to utilize the RecFind 6 Source Code license if you do not have access to experienced .NET programmers and expertise in Microsoft Visual Studio, VB.NET, C#.NET. ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

Working with the RecFind 6 Source Code is the same as undertaking a major new .NET development and requires the same knowledge and resources.

Pricing Quotation

For further information and a pricing quotation please contact sales