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Contact: Frank McKenna, CEO
Phone: 61-2-8913-9301/1-858-472-0202

Knowledgeone Corporation announces the release of its "Really Useful Apps in the Cloud" website:

The easiest & lowest cost way to run sophisticated Information Management Apps in the Cloud

Sydney & San Diego,  September 6, 2017– We are proud to announce an entirely new way for small business, corporations and government agencies to run sophisticated information management applications (Apps) in the Cloud

Frank McKenna, CEO “Our objective with this new website was to provide the world’s easiest and lowest cost way for our customers to run sophisticated, fully-functional applications like Electronic Records & Document Management without the need for a computer room, servers, IT staff, consultants, trainers, software installations or software maintenance. This is a truly new & disruptive paradigm that completely smashes the old expensive to purchase, expensive & difficult to install, expensive to run and expensive & difficult to maintain paradigm of heavy duty application software. For example, all training courses and support are free on our new website, all of a customer’s data and standards can be easily uploaded and configured by the customer via their MyConsole link. We use certified IBM Bluemix Data Centers and we manage everything, including software upgrades and backups, all the customer has to do is sign up and use the App. We even addressed the annoying problem of overly-complex and unpredictable Cloud billing with a new and totally transparent approach to billing based on a single, fixed subscription per user per month starting from as low as $U69 per month.”

The two Apps available from launch are Records Management (RMS) and Electronic Records and Document Management (EDRMS). The other initial Apps – Asset Tracking, Software License Tracking, Contract Tracking, Collection Tracking, Work Tracking, Accounts Payable Tracking, Membership Tracking and HR Tracking will be rolled out progressively over the next 6 months or so. We will continue to roll out new Apps during 2018 and will take suggestions from customers about the Apps they would like to see in the RF6-Cloud.

An essential component of this new paradigm are IBM’s Bluemix data centers all over the world. We are an IBM Partner will use its Bluemix data centers exclusively to provide our customers with industrial strength security, high performance and high availability wherever we host our Apps.

About Knowledgeone Corporation: Knowledgeone Corporation has been providing secure, scalable and robust information management applications since 1984. Our solutions, now all based on RecFind 6, are installed all around the world in a multitude of industries including government, defense, manufacturing, banking, finance, education, health care and entertainment.