The need to replace your Datalogic Memor

Customers using the Datalogic Memor portable barcode reader with RecFind 6 should be aware that the Microsoft CE operating system used on this device is at end of life and will no longer be supported by Microsoft.
Accordingly, we are now developing a replacement product using the Zebra TC51 Touch Computer and the Android operating system.

The first release of this new portable barcode reader product will provide identical functionality to the Memor but with better error checking and improved menus. The second release will provide enhanced functionality (if you have suggestions for enhanced functionality in version 2.0, please let us know).

We will not sell the TC51. However, you will be able to purchase a TC51 from any Zebra dealer (Zebra has dealers worldwide) and the software from us.
The device we are using for development is:

    TC51 TC510K-1PAZU2P-A6; with:

    TC51 USB dock CRD-TC51-1SCU-01

    TC51 USB Cable - CBL-TC51-USB1-01

Expected availability of the new Android program for the TC51 is August 2019. We will advise you when it is available to order. Customers are advised NOT to purchase a TC51 until the software is available in case there is a variation in the final TC51 specification.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation +61 2 8913 9301
CEO & Sales & Marketing Director
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