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Southern Rural Water

Southern Rural Water (SRW) is responsible for rural water supply across the entire southern part of Victoria, from the Great Divide to the coast.  They are one of five rural water authorities in Victoria and service around 10,000 customers with the Head Office in Maffra, in central Gippsland. SRW has 110 staff with 11 officers stationed across the region, and an office at Werribee.

Their three main business's are:


  • Operates the three gravity irrigation districts in the southern half of Victoria.


  • A regulatory business which manages and controls the taking and use of water for irrigation and other purposes from rivers and groundwater aquifers in southern Victoria.


  • SRW’s role is to harvest and store water on behalf of its irrigation customers, urban water authorities and Latrobe Valley power generators who hold Bulk Entitlements to specified volumes of water.

SRW has been operating RecFind for Records Management for 6 years, however prior to the imaging project RecFind’s use was limited to managing paper based records only.  In mid 2002 SRW decided to undertake an initial phase of implementing imaging.  Ibis assisted SRW to implement the High Speed Scanning Module and a new Canon DR3080C color Scanner at Southern Rural Water Authority.  This included data conversion from RecFind Version 3 Btrieve to RecFind Version 4 Microsoft SQL.  Hayley Moran the Records Management Officer is now using the imaging system to easily capture incoming and out going documents.  It has improved productivity and availability of Records.


Most incoming correspondence is captured automatically with RecFind’s High Speed Scanning Module batch procedure. These images are stored as electronic images in RecFind.  One of the major benefits of capturing paper documents by scanning is the time it will free up in the future for Hayley to undertake other responsibilities. Officers have been trained to view documents electronically though RecQuery, although the records section still sends out files with the paper document attached. 

SRW are initially piloting the new electronic viewing process with a single staff member, before introducing the process to all other staff in the near future. The trial consists of sending an action sheet which is printed and designed through RecFind to the officer without attaching any documentation. The action sheet has the file number and a registration number of the document. The officer can then view the document electronically. Once the officer has finished with the document, they sign off the action sheet and return it to records. Records then update the correspondence status in RecFind and file the action sheet with the original document on the correct file.

RecFind Button to capture information

At SRW RecFind Button is used to capture important documents directly from MS Word and Excel into RecFind. It is a corporate requirement that any document produced by SRW is attached to an appropriate file in electronic format. Staff have been trained to use the RecFind button and are now attaching documents electronically. This includes outgoing correspondence, file notes, memos, reports, graphs, minutes, agendas, tenders etc. Anything that is produced for or by SRW is placed on file in electronic format, as well as providing a hard copy for the physical file.

SRW staff have been trained to use the RecFind button to attach emails. This includes both incoming and outgoing emails. Any attachments can be opened in RecFind including word, excel, PowerPoint presentations, photos, technical drawings, pdf documents etc. Regardless of how many attachments are provided with the email, at the touch of a button all documents can be attached by SRW staff electronically. It is the officer’s responsibility as an SRW employee to attach emails that are critical to the organizations records.

SRW do not use workflow at present but have a number of different document types where they can produce outstanding correspondence reports when needed. 



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