For immediate release December10, 2010
Contact: Tony Holland, Sales & Marketing Director, 61-2-8913-9310,
The Emergency Services Telecommunications  Authority (ESTA) of the state of Victoria, Australia, has rolled out RecFind 6 from the Knowledgeone Corporation as its Electronic Document & Records Management Solution (EDRMS)

North Sydney: Knowledgeone Corporation announces that the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) of the state of Victoria, Australia, has rolled out RecFind 6 as its enterprise Electronic Document and Records Management Solution (EDRMS).

ESTA is Victoria's pre-eminent provider of emergency services telecommunications with a proven track record of service delivery performance against some of the toughest performance standards and reporting requirements known globally.

ESTA is a 24 x 7 operation with over 600 staff, providing services to some five million Victorians. This includes the emergency Triple Zero calltaking and the dispatch of police, fire, ambulance and state emergency services.

In 2009/10 ESTA managed more than 1.8 million Triple Zero calls, representing a call every 17 seconds and leading to in excess of 1.4 million dispatches requiring emergency service agency response. 

According to Sue-Ann Sapurmas, ESTA's corporate Records Manager, "We chose RecFind 6 because of its ease-of-use, streamlined document capture capabilities and high degree of configurability. Knowledgeone Corporation also provided all of the assistance we needed to upgrade from our previous Knowledgeone product in a joint-managed project that met all of its objectives and deadlines."

According to Frank McKenna, Knowledgeone Corporation's CEO, "ESTA has always been a delight to work with in the past and this project was no exception. The positive attitude and sheer professionalism of its staff was instrumental in turning a very complex project into a well-oiled and very slick, trouble free implementation. They are an extraordinarily competent organization and the credit for this very successful project goes to their excellent staff.


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