Please note that we will no longer offer software maintenance agreements, upgrade or conversion services for ‘old’ versions of RecFind (including RecFind 5) after December 31st 2015.

  What this means?

If you are running an old version of RecFind or K1 software (i.e., any version prior to RecFind 6) and you want our assistance to either upgrade to RecFind 6 or to extract data to be exported to another product, then you must make arrangements with us prior to December 31st 2015. After this time no assistance of any kind will be available.

  We are retiring the resources used to support old versions of RecFind

The only exceptions are for those organizations with current extended maintenance agreements (ASU) for an old version of RecFind that run through December 31st 2015 (i.e., expire after December 31st 2015).  However, when these agreements expire they will not be renewed.


This notice covers versions of RecFind including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the K1 Product (all versions).

  Please see the decommission notices for all old products at the following URL:


It is no longer commercially viable to support these very old products. All of our resources (people, hardware & software) will be applied to RecFind 6 and future product development.




Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation
CEO & Sales & Marketing Director