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Australian RM vendor makes world first

February 8, 2008: Soon to roll out new version of popular records management application, while still supporting long-term users of earlier versions.
The newest version of a leading Australian records management application is believed to be one of the first applications to be based on the latest Microsoft .NET “smart client” paradigm.

Sydney-based Knowledgeone Corporation is set to release RecFind (6.0) in May this year and according to CEO, Frank McKenna, it “once again breaks new ground by being the world’s first application to use this new technology from Microsoft”.

“RecFind 6.0 will be the most powerful and the easiest to roll out, easiest to install, easiest to use and most scalable product we have ever built,” McKenna said. “All end user functions are Microsoft .NET smart clients and can be deployed to run over the network or web services, as solutions for both internal users and geographically dispersed sites.”

McKenna said RecFind 6.0 incorporates the features of its generic application solution, called Knowledgeone, which allow users to modify the data model or any business process using the high levels tools that are supplied with the application.

“Just as Knowledgeone revolutionised the knowledge management industry, RecFind 6.0 will revolutionise the eDRMS industry by empowering the customer in a way that has never been done before,” he said.

Knowledgeone Corp has invested “millions of dollars” developing the latest version of RecFind, and McKenna confidently states he expects to “triple RecFind sales in 2008. It (RecFind) is our most successful product ever, and we have brought 24 products to market in 24 years of operation.

“We have supported RecFind through seven major rewrites over 22 years and we will continue to support RecFind for as long as anyone uses it, which is probably another 22 years,” he added.

RecFind has a long history in the records management marketplace. The first version of the records management application was released in 1986 and was “a totally new way to solve the records management problem”, he said. The current version of RecFind (5.0) was said to be the first of a new genre: an integrated records management, electronic document management, imaging and workflow product.

The company continues to provide support to all end-users “regardless of the version of RecFind they’re using”, McKenna said.

Written by Gerard Knapp and featured on IDM Magazine's website

Background on Knowledgeone Corporation

Established in 1985, Australian company Knowledgeone Corporation now has approximately 150,000 users across 10 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, East Timor and Zimbabwe. The Knowledgeone product range encompasses a full multi-faceted application for management of information for small to medium organisations, as well as large scale enterprises. It addresses business functions such as workflow, imaging and knowledge management. The range includes a set of niche application products, designed for records management, email management and image management.

For more information on Knowledgeone Corporation please contact + 612 8913 9300 or visit

Sarah Forlico
Knowledgeone Corporation - Marketing Manager
Ph: 61-2-8913-9307 Fax: 61-2-9954-6322

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