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New Genre Application Solves 'Gartner Acknowledged' Integration Issue

Sydney, Australia – 23 October, 2007

  • CEO claims new genre application more ‘acceptable’ than SOA solutions

  • Single application allowing multiple applications to run concurrently

  • Knowledgeone K1 delivers significant reduction in integration workload, cost and risk

Locally based Knowledgeone Corporation (K1Corp) today announced a generic application solution that delivers all the benefits of SOA*, significantly reducing the challenges faced by corporations integrating multiple application solutions.

According to CEO, Frank McKenna, the 'new genre' Knowledgeone K1 solution (K1) significantly reduces the problems of software “integration”, without the complexity and capital investment of SOA.

First acknowledged by Gartner in 1996, the "Integration Problem" described the increasing struggle that corporations face to manage and integrate scores of disparate application systems in the running of the business.

In a 2003 paper, Gartner predicted that in 2008, SOA will be "a prevailing software-engineering practice, ending the 40 year domination of monolithic software architecture."*

In 2002, responding to an increasingly apparent issue, Frank McKenna, CEO, Knowledgeone Corp, saw an opportunity to develop an application that would "fully integrate" across all other applications. He spent the next five years developing this system.

"The Knowledgeone K1 solution (K1) has all the benefits of SOA, without the heavy capital investment, long lead time and risk of SOA system development," said Mr McKenna.

According to Frank McKenna, Knowledgeone K1 was designed from the out-set to solve the "Integration Problem" by providing a single application that can happily run any number of different applications, concurrently.

Mr McKenna explains SOA as a methodology – a "proposed way to solve the integration problem by utilizing a particular solution architecture based on the concept of loosely coupled services."

He said that an SOA solution requires "a high level of programming expertise, an extensive testing regime and tightly managed roll-out. Implementing an enterprise-wide SOA system is a complex, time intensive and expensive undertaking."

Mr McKenna emphasized that unlike SOA, "Knowledgeone K1 is a working, scalable multiple application solution that can be installed for use the following day.”

Knowledgeone K1 comes standard with tools to modify any of the 'out-of-the-box' applications such as asset management, help desk, complaints management, HR management, CRM, records management, document management, workflow and imaging or, create new applications. It also includes the tools required to import or export data or integrate with other existing applications.

"The Knowledgeone K1 application is an extremely cost effective solution for old main frame applications. It's ideal for any classic 'information management' application such as help desk, complaints management, HR management, asset management, CRM, library management and email management, as well as records management, document management, imaging or workflow requirements. These 'out-of-the-box' solutions will be an 85 % fit for most organizations, without customization," Mr McKenna said.

"As an added benefit for international corporations, K1 is also multilingual - able to run multiple languages concurrently and able to let each national office access a common database in the language of choice," McKenna added.

The Knowledgeone K1 application has been used in the US, Australia and the UK for the past year and a half. Customers span a number of industries from financial services, to agriculture and Government organizations.

*SOA is defined by Gartner as: "SOA is a software architecture that starts with an interface definition and builds the entire application topology as a topology of interfaces, interface implementations and interface calls. SOA would be better named 'interface-oriented architecture'. [Gartner research paper - service-oriented architecture scenario 16 April, 2003]

Background on Knowledgeone Corporation
Established in 1985, Australian company Knowledgeone Corporation now has approximately 150,000 users across 10 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, East Timor and Zimbabwe.

The Knowledgeone product range encompasses a full multi-faceted application for management of information for small to medium organizations, as well as large scale enterprises. It addresses business functions such as workflow, imaging and knowledge management. The range includes a set of niche application products, designed for records management, email management and image management.

For more information on Knowledgeone Corporation please contact + 612 8913 9300 or visit

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Sarah Forlico
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