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Please note that since August 1st, 2005 GMB has rebranded and now known as Knowledgeone Corporation

GMB Releases RecFind 5.0.0E Application Suite

Sydney, February 21, 2005: Frank McKenna, GMB's CEO today announced the release of the RecFind 5.0.0E Application Suite.

5.0.0E is a major release. It has consumed over five man years of effort. This means that it includes many new features and enhancements as well as stability updates.

"There are many new and improved features in 5.0.0E that can used to increase productivity and make your life easier" said Mr McKenna. "You can now, for example, fully automate all data entry using the new Import/Export Module, (IEM). If you are tired of keying in File and Document and Box information, you no longer have to. And yes, you can now Modify records as well as Add them and yes, you can now run the IEM fully automatically".

"RecFind v5.0.0E will also allow users to run customer developed Crystal Reports directly from within the RecFind Reporting module without the need for any other software (i.e. Crystal Reports)" revealed Mr McKenna. "A new tab in the Report module called Custom will display all custom reports. If you wish to run a report but not have all users have access to it, you may use the browse button and select a template located elsewhere".

Mr McKenna also added, "With the introduction of the latest Crystal Reports Runtime, version10 in RecFind 5.0.0E you have the ability to save a report as a PDF without the need for any other third party software".

Those customers under a current Automatic Software Upgrade (ASU) agreement with GMB will receive this new release automatically. Customers not under warranty or without a current ASU agreement should contact GMB for details on how they can upgrade to RecFind 5.0.0E.

RecFind 5.0.0E is the last planned major feature release of the RecFind suite. The next major upgrade, currently scheduled for July/August this year, will be the KnowledgeOne (K1) product. K1 replaces all products in the RecFind Suite. GMB expect that there will be stability updates for the RecFind suite for many years to come, or at least until all customers have upgraded to K1. Because GMB are continuing to support RecFind, this means that customers are able to upgrade to K1 in a planned and controlled manner at their preferred schedule.

"Obviously, it is GMB's intention to motivate our customers to move to K1 as soon as is practicable and to that end, K1 will come with a comprehensive conversion program to convert customer's RecFind tables to K1 tables in the most seamless and trouble-free manner possible" said Mr McKenna.

***Note that K1 will require RecFind 5.0.0E. That is, GMB's current customers will have to install RecFind 5.0.0E BEFORE upgrading to K1.***

There are of course many good reasons for GMB's customers to move up to K1. K1 is a 100% .NET and 100% thin-client product (it is a Portal) and its functionality is a major superset of that found in RecFind 5.0.0E.

For example, out-of-the-box, K1 is also a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) as well as a Help Desk system and a Human Resources Management system. K1 also provides all of the functionality found in RecFind such as records management, electronic document management, imaging, retention, requests, movements, bar-coding and workflow.

And, because K1 is a portal, it does not require the installation or maintenance of any software on the desktop. At an industry estimate of $500 a year per desktop per application, desktop application maintenance will shortly be a pain and financial drain of the past.

K1 will be a 'Knowledge Management Portal' or an 'Omniscience-Engine', able to attach to all sources of knowledge and able to run multiple applications concurrently using a single user-interface. GMB describe K1 as a 'multi-personality solution' able to assume multiple personalities concurrently. In K1 parlance, a personality roughly equates to an application (e.g., EDMS, CRM, RM, etc).

K1 is of course also highly configurable and extensible by the end user; infinitely more than RecFind is. With K1 users should never again have to ask for GMB changes to either the functionality or data model because K1 has been designed so they can easily and quickly make these changes themselves.

For example, if you don't like the font then change it. If you don't like the background then change it. If you don't like our Buttons then change them. If you don't like our Captions then change them. If you don't like our help screens then change them. If you want more fields then add them. If you want a field to be bigger then change it. If you want a field to be invisible then change it. If you want a field to be mandatory then change it. All without programming.

GMB will provide customers with planning information on how to prepare for K1 several months before its release. GMB will also prepare a series of web based training courses on the use of K1 prior to its release.

For further information or to request an online demonstration of RecFind 5.0.0E please contact sales.

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