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As seen in CRN, 20 August, 2007

Knowledgeone looks to the channel

Software vendor plans to partner withlocal distributors and resellers

Written by Helen Frost

Looking to the channel for expansion,Knowledgeone Corporation has a new product and is looking forAustralian distributors and resellers to partner. After sellingdirect for 23 years, the vendor has spent five years refiningits aptly-named product Knowledgeone, rolled it out to 400clients worldwide and is ready to unveil it to the channel withproven case studies in hand.

Based on, the genericapplication solution is touted by Knowledgeone CEO Frank McKennaas a new genre of product that you can run multiple businessapplications on concurrently such as an asset management system,human resource management system and CRM system, to name a few.

At the basic level, the software vendor willprovide partners with leads as well as reference sites. There isalso a 1800 help service phone number set up so the vendor cantake the technical support to allow resellers more time toconcentrate on selling. McKenna said the company does one thingdifferently to other vendors, "We take away the pain."

"One of the biggest advantages of thisproduct to a solution provider is it is really a pre-writtensystem with most of the hard work done. They can take our systemas an 80 percent solution and they can implement a solution fortheir customer at a fraction of the time, a fraction of thecost," said McKenna.

Flexibility is the key message fromKnowledgeone. Not only is the Australian company looking to beeasy to work with, but states the product is, too.

"One of the reasons it is significantlydifferent from any product on the market is that we providestandard tools so the systems integrator can change any part ofit. They can change the data model, or they can change anyreport or any business process," explained McKenna.

"It's about being easy to do business withand that's the kind of model we are tying to promote. It' sabout how you want to work and we will come up an agreement thatincorporates your preferred way of working with us. Resellers'objectives include making a healthy margin from the software andto make significant margins from their services."


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