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New Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.2 Delivers Unprecedented Import/Export Capabilities

Consolidate information by importing data from virtually any source and by exporting any table in industry standard XML format.

Sydney, February 23, 2006: Knowledgeone Corporation today announced and shipped the first update to their new application suite, Knowledgeone K1. Knowledgeone K1 is a new genre software application, a multilingual, .NET generic application solution that allows you to store all sources of information (documents, emails, images, tacit knowledge) in one database and to process multiple applications simultaneously with its pre-configured data models, eg., Asset Management, HR Management, CRM and Records Management, to name a few.

The main feature of this release is the Xchange K1 Import/Export Engine and API which enables you to import data from virtually any source and to export any table in industry standard XML format. Xchange K1 can be run either manually or fully automatically via the Windows Scheduler.

This release also sees the release of two new ‘Plug-in’ products to Knowledgeone K1, the Mini-API K1 and Scan K1. The Mini-API K1 provides the ability for customers utilizing Knowledgeone K1 to create a link from an existing application to any table or object (Blob) stored within Knowledgeone K1’s data repository. Whereas Knowledgeone K1 includes scanning functionality, supporting any TWAIN compatible scanner, Scan K1 is a more powerful scanning tool for high speed, off-line, scanning needs. It also connects to Knowledgeone K1 and populates Knowledgeone K1 tables with the images and metadata it collects.

For the IT/IS Managers we are pleased to report that this version has been tested and certified against .NET Framework 2.0 and SQL Server 2005.

There are also many subtle improvements throughout the product such as improved support for Proxy Servers, an increased range of searches and the ability to configure link fields by Type Code.

About Knowledgeone Corporation
Knowledgeone Corporation has been providing information management solutions for over 22 years. Knowledgeone Corporation’s goal is to help our customer’s better understand their information management and compliance requirements, then provide a combination of existing products, consultancy services, training and support to seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and processes. Knowledgeone Corporation is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with customer sites in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. For more information about Knowledgeone Corporation please visit

Sarah Forlico
Knowledgeone Corporation Marketing Manager
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