Quality Assurance

All staff at Knowledgeone Corporation are dedicated to supplying the customer with products and services that are of the highest possible quality.

It is therefore an essential part of Knowledgeone Corporation's policy to supply the customer with products and services which are in conformity with, or above, their initial reasonable expectations. Everything we deliver to a customer will be fit-for-purpose.

The establishment and constant referencing and updating of our quality objectives help us to achieve this.

To this end we are continually monitoring and aiming to improve the processes involved in the creation, manufacture, distribution and support of our software as well as continually improving the quality of our services.

As a basis for the high standards that we set ourselves, we have adopted an integrated Quality System that encompasses all areas of the production cycle; from initial concepts to delivery and support.

This Quality System reflects the attitude of Knowledgeone Corporation to quality, its effect on the production of software, the delivery of our services and the resulting level of customer satisfaction.

We place quality first in order to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure that we are listening and responsive we provide direct email contact to all key members of the management team including myself.

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