Becoming a Reseller

Profiting through a Partnership with Knowledgeone Corporation

Knowledgeone Corporation is a successful Knowledge Management Software producer with over 1000 major government & corporate clients throughout the world. We offer highly competitive and innovative knowledge management application software products.

Our software and services have been designed to satisfy the needs of the following applications: Knowledge Management (KMS), Records Management (RMS), Document Management (DMS), Electronic Records and Document Management (EDRMS), Content Management (CMS), Email Management, Email Archiving, Workflow, Imaging, Document Imaging, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Management, Private Library Management, Medical Records Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and almost any information management application. RecFind 6 can also be described as a generic application solution or .NET rapid application development system.

Use our products to develop innovative solutions for your customers. Benefit from the unique RecFind 6 architecture, features, scalability, market proven performance and stability to reduce risk, cost and time to market.

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What Products & Services do you have to sell at Knowledgeone Corporation?

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Offer Customer-Specific solutions using our advanced toolset

The RecFind 6 Product Suite includes all of the tools and functionality you will need to create a solution that will match your customer's requirements one hundred-percent.

The toolset includes:

  • The RecFind 6 relational database, a proven, stable and scalable SQL-based database. It also includes all of the functionality required for any EDRMS application, including imaging, version control, security, audit trail, etc.;
  • The RecFind 6 DRM, a high level and extremely powerful tool that makes it as easy as possible to modify the data model and any business process without programming;
  • RecFind 6 Xchange, a high level and extremely powerful tool that makes it as easy as possible to import data from any source and to export data in industry standard XML format. Xchange is also a powerful integration tool running under program control and exchanging data with other applications on a timed basis;
  • The RecFind 6 Process function, a quick and easy way to call external programs. Use the Process function to also pass a result set to external programs prior to execution.
  • The RecFind 6 SharePoint 2010 Integration Module. Easily and quickly integrate RecFind 6 to your client's SharePoint system; tailor the integration to your client's exact requirements;
  • The RecFind 6 MINI-API, a very easy to implement and clever way to allow other applications to securely access records within the RecFind 6 relational database; and
  • The RecFind 6 Web Services SDK - the perfect tool for IT literate partners that need to extend the functionality of RecFind 6 or add customer-specific portals.

Knowledgeone Corporation also offers all the assistance, training and support you will need to get up and running.

Why deal with Knowledgeone Corporation?

Knowledgeone Corporation has over 31 years experience in designing, developing, installing and supporting heavy-duty, enterprise-wide information management solutions. Knowledgeone Corporation's products can significantly reduce your development time, risk and cost and lead to a much earlier roll out of benefits for your clients.

Knowledgeone Corporation has existing 1-800 support services for customers and partners as well as professional training and certification programs designed specifically for our partners.

Knowledgeone Corporation's products are proven, stable, highly configurable (to each clients unique needs) and scalable with a enviable reputation for functionality.

Knowledgeone Corporation products and services can help your company both increase its revenue from existing customers and win greater market share. Knowledgeone Corporation's products give your sales force more reasons to call on existing and new customers. Knowledgeone Corporation's products give your sales force the tools it needs to win major government and private sector bids.

Knowledgeone Corporation's products are cross industry products and the customer list is best evidence of this with local, state and federal government, defense, banks, health, law enforcement, education and utilities. The products are also multi-application and are used to address needs in a diverse set of application areas including: asset management; electronic document management; image management; records management and workflow. The market is every medium to large enterprise regardless of market sector.

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  • What is the competition?
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  • How do we sell it?

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What is the most important thing to consider about becoming a RecFind 6 reseller?

The hardest part about becoming a partner, as I am sure you already know, is in learning enough about the software to be able to discuss it, demonstrate it, propose it, train it, consult on it and configure it.

Even a 5 day training course only takes you so far - it requires a lot of application after that to become confident.

Even if you have the right kind of organization and the right kind of business and people for our product there is still a steep learning curve ahead.

It would really be of assistance if there was someone in your company that was very IT literate and very experienced with SQL Server/understood data models etc.

RecFind 6 is a very special product because we provide the high level tools (e.g., the DRM) that allow you to 'configure' it to the precise requirements of any customer or any compliance standard or even any application (e.g., asset management, contract management, HR management in addition to records and document management). These tools however are not end user tools; they are specialist tools for people with a pretty good knowledge of IT. This is why having someone in your organization who is very strong in IT is a very big advantage.

We can provide you with marketing collateral and advice, automated price books, technical support, etc., but we are unlikely to have an office in your town/city so all support, marketing and technical, will need to be via phone, email and the Internet. We for example, use the Citrix tools GoToAssist, GoToMeeting and GoToTraining to support our customers all over the world. See this link:

If the money is available, one thing you should think about and try to prioritize is initial product training. There are three options:

1. One of our trainers could come to your office for a week;
2. One of your trainers could come to our office for a week; or
3. We could set up a number of online training sessions using GoToTraining.

The earlier you invest in training the more successful you will be. The more you know about RecFind 6 the easier it is to sell.

If the money is not available to fund initial training then you probably are not ready to become a Knowledgeone partner. Trying to market, sell and configure RecFind 6 without basic training is just too hard an ask and not fair to us or the customer.

If you or your company are interested in partnering with Knowledgeone Corporation and are prepared to invest in the initial training requirement, please click on the link below.

Request to become a Software Business Partner

Those interested in becoming a Technology Partner should contact the CEO.