The ideal Xmas gift for geeks and ‘I must-have-the-latest’ trendies

by Frank 25. December 2011 13:00

This is my idea of the ideal gift but to be honest I am not sure if it exists or even if anyone is planning to manufacture it. If the answer is in the negative then hello Apple and Samsung, put down your swords and shields (lawyers to the rest of us) and start spending those wasted hundreds of millions of legal dollars on something useful you can actually sell.

Frank’s law of the perfect mobile device says it must:

  1. Be light, weight no more than a pound or 0.5 kilograms. It should be like a really big oversize watch or maybe, next generation iPhone (come on Apple, where is the iPhone 5?);
  2. Be really cool to look at;
  3. Feel great in the hand;
  4. Be really easy to use;
  5. Be able to connect via 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and whatever comes next;
  6. Have a minimum 24 hour constant use batter life;
  7. Accept verbal commands;
  8. Have great quality sound;
  9. Have no more than 3 buttons (have a look at the Apple TV controller for the best example of design excellence, simplicity to the point of elegance – the perfect combination of form and function);
  10. Have a USB 2.0/3.0 port (Apple, why don’t we have this now?);
  11. Have a micro card slot (Apple again, please listen to us users);
  12. Attach to my person in way that makes it hard to lose (i.e., like a wristwatch or pocket watch on a chain or lanyard);
  13. Support soft and external keyboards;
  14. Have a touch screen;
  15. Provide variable form factors, probably by projection of both screen and keyboard – Microsoft demonstrated this functionality a couple of years ago and then seemed to lose interest;
  16. Have the ability to connect to external monitors and TVs;
  17. Have a generous solid state hard drive, minimum 128GB;
  18. Have an accessible file system (are you listening Apple? How about this for the iPad?);
  19. Have a native email client (are you listening HP?);
  20. Have a fully Flash/HTML 5 compatible web browser that isn’t limited and crippled (this is for Apple again);
  21. Have a fully functional but easy to use and non-complex operating system (iOS is fine but so is WebOS – I am not so keen on Android);
  22. Cost no more than $500 for a 128GB version;
  23. Work as a telephone and accept SIM cards (this is for HP – tell me again why the Playbook isn’t selling unless you slash the price?);
  24. Have a 10Mb camera or better;
  25. Have a processor powerful enough to support my workload; and
  26. Have enough memory to support my workload, say a minimum of 4GB

This is the ideal device because it replaces all the mobile devices I currently carry around. That is, notebook, Smartphone and tablet. It obviously must also have the functionality within the operating system to perform all the tasks I need to do and would normally do on my 3 current devices.

I will be able to carry it in my pocket or wear it on my wrist or even wear it like a fob or pocket watch on a classy gold chain. Maybe waistcoats will come back into fashion.

Innovative organizations will jump on the bandwagon and design cool accessories for it like a projection screen in a pen that you can unfurl and stand on your desk and hang on the back of the airplane seat. They will also design roll up keyboards in a pen that connect via Bluetooth and that sit flat once you unfurl them using advanced fabric memory functionality.

It actually isn’t hard to design our ideal device because all you have to do is think about all the frustrating missing features of your current devices; all the functionality you would like and need that isn’t there yet. This is why we all carry multiple mobile devices; because none of them do all the things we need them to do.

The vendors cannot tell us that they don’t have the design talent or technology because they patently do. They can’t tell us they can’t afford to build my ideal device because right now Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft are spending billions of dollars on lawyers for stupid, non-productive legal cases over simply absurd patent disputes. They are trying to earn their income from lawsuits in lieu of product sales.

Here is my message to the vendors, “give us the products we want and need and you won’t have to worry about profits, you will be swimming in money like that Disney character Scrooge McDuck.”

So Apple, HP, Samsung and others, where is my Xmas present?

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Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee United States
12/2/2012 7:58:52 PM #

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