Managing e-mail subscriptions and mail-outs with RecFind 6

RecFind 6 can be configured to meet any organization's requirement for a CRM

RecFind 6 can be used for most information management applications including as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Knowledgeone Corporation, for example, uses RecFind 6 as its CRM to manage all interactions with its customers (yes, we do use our own software to run our business!). If you are a customer then there is a complete record of every one of your inquiries, phone calls, support calls, emails, proposals and purchases within our copy of RecFind 6. We also use GEM to automatically capture and classify all customer emails. We practice what we preach!

A RecFind 6 CRM can enable a company to effectively manage its interactions with organisations and people (e.g. its customers, members, students, suppliers, regulating bodies, etc.), and can automate related work processes across all of the organisation’s functions (e.g. sales, marketing, service & support).

An important component of a CRM is the ability to manage communications with groups, such as group e-mail subscriptions (commonly termed a ‘Mail List’ in RecFind 6) and group e-mail distribution (commonly termed a ‘Mail Out’ in RecFind 6).

The capability and licensing for a CRM system is provided within the standard RecFind 6 product. RecFind 6 just needs to be configured to ‘turn on’ the CRM functionality, specific to your requirements.

The RecFind 6 CRM system is 100% configurable – to perfectly match your requirements.

Example RecFind 6 CRM system menu items

RecFind 6 CRM Options

Manage group e-mail subscriptions (commonly termed a ‘Mail List’ in RecFind 6)

Create & manage any number of mail lists:

RecFind 6 Mail List

Manage group e-mail distribution (commonly termed a ‘Mail Out’ in RecFind 6)

Simply complete the e-mail subject & message body, select the mail list and schedule the distribution date & time. You can even personalise the message (e.g. Dear [%FIRST_NAME%])

RecFind 6 Mail List

Questions? If you have any questions please contact the support department and we'll be more than happy to help.

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