How to do a Bulk-Import of Electronic Documents using the RF6 Client

Easily & quickly capture any eDoc + Metadata using the RF6 Client

In this example, we will show you how to bulk capture emails & key Metadata

Capturing emails into RecFind 6 is now easier than ever using the Bulk Check in function.

When emails are checked in, key metadata will be automatically captured, for example the Sender, Recipient, Subject, CC, BCC and the email date.


Working in Outlook, select the emails required for check in and drag them into a folder on your PC or network.  For example:

EDOC table toolbar

From the eDoc list view, select the Bulk Check in button on the toolbar of the eDoc table:

You will see the following screen:

Select the blue folder icon to browse to the folder containing the emails to be checked in.

Highlight the required folder, then select the OK button.

Select the appropriate Security Code from the drop down.

Select the eDoc type from the drop down.  In this example, the eDoc Type of Corporate Email has been configured only to show fields that are relevant to email.

If required, select the Metadata Profile that the emails should be linked to. Depending on how your RecFind 6 system has been configured, a Metadata Profile could be a file folder, a project file, a personal file, a contract profile or an archive box profile etc.

If there is no auto numbering configured for email, select how the External ID will be populated, either with the file name or with some custom text that can be entered.

If you would like to delete the emails from the folder after they have been checked in, tick the Delete file after check? box.

Select the Check In button.

A message, as above, will be displayed confirming the amount of eDoc profiles created.

The selected emails have now been saved into the RecFind 6 database, the metadata of the eDoc profile, the text of the email and the text of the email attachment (if there is an attachment) will be indexed to allow full text searching.

Depending on how your RecFind 6 system has been designed, the configured list columns will be displayed, for example:

In this example, when viewing the eDoc profile type of Corporate Email, only the fields that have been configured for the type of Corporate email will be displayed, for example:

Also in this example, the eDoc retention has also been auto populated so that the destruction date can trigger based on the date the email was received.

Clicking on the View Record icon on the left hand side of the Linked To field will display the Metadata Profile the eDoc is linked to, including any other eDocs associated with that record.

All the emails have been imported, core Metadata also captured, attached to the correct folder (Classified) and the full text of each email has been indexed and is now full-text searchable. Retention has also been automatically implemented.

And all it took was a few minutes of your time using this very clever feature of RecFind 6.

Questions? If you have any questions please contact the support department and we'll be more than happy to help.

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