Creating Color File Folder Labels with RecFind 6 and Active Reports

Sample color label

The really good new is that you no longer have to use 3rd party packages like ColorBar to produce your color-coded file folder labels.

Using the functionality of RecFind 6 and its embedded report-writer 'Active Reports', you can create any type of color file label and then print it using standard stock (no need to order expensive 'specialist' stock) using the standard reporting functionality of RecFind 6.

What this means is that you can print color labels, using your own label design and your own choice of label stock, direct from RecFind 6 without the need to support & maintain an additional color label printing application (e.g. ColorBar).

Labels can be designed for virtually any application including records management, contract management, asset management, medical records management or in fact any application that requires a label with or without barcodes, logos and color.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced software maintenance costs (no need to renew your ColorBar maintenance)
  • Reduced IT support and IT infrastructure costs (ColorBar can be uninstalled and the associated IT infrastructure redeployed)
  • Automated printing process requiring no integration or additional products (the new capability utilizes the standard RecFind 6 print function)
  • Flexibility to use your own choice of label stock
  • Any RF6 user can print labels from any RF6 client (no ColorBar print station license restriction)

We offer a simple service to migrate your color label design from ColorBar (or any other 3rd party application) to RecFind 6.

Action required: If this is of interest, please email us and provide a PDF version of your label design(s) to enable us to provide a quotation to migrate your designs to RecFind 6.

Questions? If you have any questions please contact the support department and we'll be more than happy to help.

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