Advanced – Workflow processes created using advanced techniques such as triggers

This type of workflow can be used when you need further flexibility in your workflow process, outside of what can be achieved using the RecFind 6 Workflow Designer. Workflows designed using this method allow you to trigger notifications when a particular event occurs.

These events could be based on the value entered into a field (e.g., Send the approval task to the CEO when the value of the contract is over $1,000,000) or as illustrated below, when the value of a field changes (e.g., The status of an Invoice approval changes from ‘Not Approved For Payment’ to ‘Approved For Payment’).

The first step is to configure your profile with the appropriate fields, such as this Invoice profile example below;

These profiles can be created to match any of your existing manual processes, from a single approval to more complex multiple approval point processes.

This can be completed using the DRM, the RecFind 6 Administration tool. Alternatively, you can contact Knowledgeone to provide this service.

Next, you need to create the trigger to control how your process will be managed. Triggers are written in SQL and can be created by qualified staff within your organisation or by contacting Knowledgeone to provide this service. Once your triggers are written they are managed through the DRM;

In this example we would like an email notification to be sent when an invoice is marked as ‘Ready For Approval - Yes’;

Once the changes are made on the profile and it is saved, the trigger will work in the background to send an email notification to the assigned user, indicating they have a task to complete within the process. As the processes are totally configurable within your trigger, multiple actions could also be set occur at different points if required. The email notification could be designed as follows;

By using the MiniAPI link that has been embedded in the email, the user is able to click straight through to view the Invoice and the associated metadata. The MiniAPI link can be configured to give either Read Only or Modify access to the user;

From within this view the user is able to Approve/Decline the Invoices payment.

Once saved the next email in the process will be sent to notify the Accounts Department that payment can be made.

The process would then continue as defined in your workflow trigger.

Questions? If you have any questions or any processes you would like to automate using RecFind 6 please contact the support department and we'll be more than happy to help.

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