Advanced Forms Processing with RecFind 6

Please follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Create the Form Template in DocScan

Initially, you will need to determine what data you want to capture off of your document. In this example we will capture client and date information from an invoice;

After scanning your document using DocScan, from the OCR menu select the ‘Create a Form Processing Template from the Selected File’ option;

On the Template Designer you can then add your Regions Of Interest (ROI) to define the metadata you would like to capture from the document;

Once saved, the Forms Template will be available to use any time in the future when you scan a similar document.

Step 2: Apply the Form Template in DocScan

To apply the Forms Template first you select the function from the DocScan Toolbar;

Then select the Forms Template you wish to apply from the list of available Templates;

The template can be applied against a single scanned document or against multiple scanned documents. So, if you have 50 similar invoices scanned in through DocScan, you can apply the template across all documents and process and capture all the records and metadata in one step.

Once the Forms Processing is complete, an Import File will have been created;

All the required data will be saved within that file;

Step 3: Import the Documents + Metadata using Xchange

The first time you import the data you will need to create a mapping file in Xchange. This mapping file can then be used anytime you want to do a similar import and can be run manually or configured to run automatically.

After logging in to Xchange and selecting the Data_Import file as your source, you map the fields across to your RecFind 6 database;

Once you have saved the mapping file you can schedule it to run via a command line or run it manually by logging in to Xchange and choosing the import from the available imports;

Step 4: View Results in RecFind 6

Once the import has completed, you will be able to view the record in RecFind 6. You will be able to view the electronic document as well as the imported metadata;

Please look at RecFind 6’s Forms Processing as an easy way to automate data entry and significantly improve productivity and the accuracy of captured data. It is the ultimate way to digitize paper records.

Questions? If you have any questions please contact the support department and we'll be more than happy to help.

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